Marketing Sense
Marketing Sense

 Innovative and Integrative
Business Solutions for Truckstops

Truckstop Solutions Building

Meet the TruckStop Solutions Team:

Michael Brookes
, Director of Sales
Stuart Dall, National Sales Manager
Bill Avery, Financial Services
Pat Hudasko, Accountant
John Stenson, Webmaster
Marissa Anderson, Technical Production Manager
Jaclyn Boruch, Publicist
Jean Avery, Administration Director


About Us
A thirty year background in marketing one of the most unique industries in the business world, the trucking industry, has prepared the way for the introduction of Truckstop Solutions. The shift in the marketing arena has caused many businesses to take a closer look at what is now sensible and more affordable to meet their marketing needs.  Truckstop Solutions became the perfect fit to take seasoned marketing personnel and combine them with the evolving e-marketing world.  Truckstop Solutions will meet the next decade of 2010 with exactly what it takes to create the best relationships between entrepreneurs and consumers. Social media networking and the power of the internet will allow us to be more innovative and integrative in our modern marketing dynamics. Specifically focusing on the networking of independent truckstops is our commitment to you.
PO Box 302 - Wickatunk, NJ • Call 732.894.9444 Today!
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