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We provide personalized fuel marketing for your location.  It’s our job to work with all fleets, aggregators and the smaller local businesses to establish, increase, and maintain fleet business with your facility.  We will complete all of the necessary documentation required by the billing companies for the set up of your new accounts with the discounts you have authorized.  We will call on, and are accountable for, leads provided by your location in a timely manner.  Discounts to fleets are only offered after review and by your approval.

We have negotiated with a nationwide fuel supplier, capable of providing all fuel products and related services necessary to meet the needs of our members.  Pricing is available upon request, and as with our other programs, you may elect to use only this service.

Our main focus is to increase your fuel business, but we will always pursue and offer opportunities to enhance your profits and reduce your expenses.  We have established discounts with several select vendors.  These programs compete with the pricing offered to large chains and several of these companies offer rebates back to your stop based on annual group purchase levels.

  • DAS (C-store)


Creative Concepts in a Price Driven Economy:  TANK SHARE

At Truckstop Solutions we realize the amazing success found with the way many Canadian fleets purchase fuel.  Our sales staff can now offer this same advantage to fleets/truckstops here in the US.

Our fleet customers can purchase fuel at our delivered invoice cost, or their cost.* They can choose either a full or partial drop. Flexibility in delivery dates can be determined by the daily prices of fuel or other determining factors. Tank Share provides the perfect opportunity for both fleets and truckstops to reduce costs in today’s competitive market.  Your truckstop will make a profit without the liability and cost of purchasing the fuel. The fleets will benefit by convience of locations and availability of their fuel at a predetermined cost.  Tank share also allows the fleet to eliminate the costs and overhead associated with maintaining and staffing their own tanks.

Our participating locations will professionally manage your fuel inventory. Accounting and balances are maintained daily.  Each driver’s transaction will produce a printed, signed, metered ticket to insure that reconciliation of your account is precise.

 Regardless of the size of your truckstop or fleet, considering Tank Share will provide the benefits and cost effectiveness needed in this price driven economy. Truckstop Solutions will assist you and coordinate this fueling opportunity. Together, we can make a difference in finding solutions to increase profits and lower costs. Our staff is ready to further customize a Tank Share program to specifically meet your needs.

*A fleet can commingle their own product if their delivered costs are lower providing the fuel specs meet or exceed our locations criteria.

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